Florida State Certified EC13006360


Service Work

We troubleshoot and repair all electrical issues found in your home. From faulty lights not working, switches, outlets, circuits for appliances, breakers and panels. We also fix issues found in home inspections. 




Tired of that outdated kitchen that never left the 70's? Well with any remodeling endeavor or demo, we can completely handle the electric side of it. Re-routing circuits and wires, moving switches to new locations, installing new lighting systems to update the look you're going for, whatever your new vision is; we will make it happen!


Landscape Lighting


We install all kinds of landscape lighting systems to brighten up and highlight those favorite parts of your yard, pool area, or dock. 120 Volt lights or low voltage lights, there are many options!


With anything new to add to the home to 'brighten' it up, we do everything electrical for the home. 


Service Panel Replacement

Is your electrical panel as old as your house is and out dated? It's not only ineffective but a danger hazard! Having old circuits panels are susceptible to poor powering of the circuits and burn out easily causing a possible fire and danger risk for your home. We completely remove and install new electrical panels for your home! 



Got a chandelier or ceiling fan you need installed? We do all of it. Any type of light fixtures or fans. If the power is not there for it, we will run wiring and power for it, including installing switches.



The right dimmer can not only set the mood, but save you money. They're always more efficient and reduce power consumption. We also install switches with built-in night lights to find them easier in the dark. 


extra circuits

Have a new appliance or item bought for the home? Air compressor, fridge for the garage, A/C system, welding machine, water heater, if it needs its own power and breaker to make it work, we can do it!